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To lissen is an effort, and just to hear is no merit. A duck hears also.

- Igor Stravinsky


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  1. av8n/causation John Denker, Aviation
  2. jasondavies.com Visualisations  Jason Davies
    1. complete-graphs
    2. factorisation-diagrams
    3. ford-circles
    4. apollonian-gasket
  3. 2021/02/12/isadore-singer-dead | abelprize/popular_version
  4. cap-lore Norman Hardy 1933-2018 lifestory | Curriculum Vitae | Ann_Hardy

    13-10-2020 mv2.html da approfondire.

    Nel librosito: Logica matematica. | Unicode UTF-8 | Topologia.

  5. phys.virginia.edu/People Michael Fowler

    Lecture Notes Online | Applets

    HeatIndex | kinetic_theory

    ratemyprofessors This is the most fun I have ever had in a class as an undergraduate. Prof. Fowler has a great sense of humor and makes physics about as interesting and appealing to non-physics majors as it can be. This is basically a History of Physics course, but definitely worth taking.

Matematici  mtm lk

Con pagina librosito dedicata

  1. Timothy Gowers.


  1. !!!!!!!       Linear Algebra via Exterior Products. - SergeiWinitzki

    extensive use is made of the exterior (“wedge”) product of vectors. In this approach, the book derives, without matrix calculations, the standard properties of determinants

  2. cornell  Allen Hatcher 1944- wp topologo. 2 bei libri:
    1. Topology_of_numbers
    2. Algebraic_topology
  3. terry tao   terrytao
    1. Teoria della misura. Riemann, Lebesgue.
    2. 2008/what-is-a-gauge/
    3. 2021/the-riemann-zeta-function-and-the-prime-number-theorem
  4. Gil Kalai https://gilkalai.wordpress.com/2023/03/25/an-aperiodic-monotile/
    | https://gilkalai.wordpress.com/greatest-hits/
  5. logicmatters Peter Smith

    Books: Logic, a study guide.

    Introduction to formal logic.

    Category Theory, A Gentle Introduction.

    Gödel Without (Too Many) Tears.


    Méditation #ArtsFloSummer​ #7: Thomas Tallis


    Lea Desandre, Ensemble Jupiter | « Lettres Amoureuses »


  6. harvard  Oliver Knill
  7. math.clemson  Matthew Macauley  | Clemson,_South_Carolina | wp/Town_and_gown
  8. danaernst/inquiry-based-learning Dana C. Ernst (Northern Arizona University)

    An Inquiry-Based Approach to Abstract Algebra emphasizes visualization and incorporates technology.

  9. math.umn  University Minesota  Paul Garrett
    1. algebra.pdf
    2. Intro to Abstract Algebra nel librosito.
  10. Algebra: Abstract and Concrete -  Frederick Goodman  Professor Emeritus, Department of Mathematics. Iowa University, Iowa City, Iowa >>>
  11. math.ubc.ca/~cass  Bill Casselman, University of British Columbia (CAnada), Vancouver

    Geometry and PostScript

  12. coopersnotes.net Christopher Cooper
  13. math.unipd.it   Maurizio Cailotto Cicloide | hypotrochoid | Curvatura di una linea
  14. harvard/~ctm
  15. larryriddle Lawrence H. Riddle Professor Emeritus of Mathematics
    1. Albero pitagorico. Pythagoras tree.
    2. Calcolo differenziale. Didattica.
  16. kconrad    Keith Conrad  univ of Connecticut
  17. jmilne citazioni nella homepage, e Apocrypha. Il testo piu' semplice e' sui gruppi, ma e' già advanced.

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  1. https://digilander.libero.it/ottavioserra0/


  1. weelookang Open Source Physics @ Singapore A Singapore physics teacher blog that uses Easy Java Applets