^^Doppio compito. Dual-task. Doppia intenzione - doppia attenzione. Human multitasking.


dual-task paradigm
participant performs two tasks simultaneously


  1. comprehend two spoken messages at the same time


L'argomento della mia personale conoscenza piu' prossimo e' Doppia attenzione, doppia intenzione.



multitask-masters. Strayer and the social psychologist David Sanbomnatsu, asked more than 300 students (University of Utah) to rate their ability to multitask, and then compared those ratings to the studentsí actual multitasking performances, they found a strong relationship: an inverse one.


RT = reaction time


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  4. The notion that dual-task performance limitations have implications about the "unity of the mind" occurred to people long before the present era of information-processing