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  1. Circolo trigonometrico
  2. Notazione potenze col triangolo
  3. All possible pythagorean triples, visualized
  4. Algebraic Calculus One - Coming soon!    njwildberger
  5. corsi https://www.openlearning.com/courses/archimedes-the-law-of-the-lever





12-set-2017 wp/Hyperreal_number



wp/Twelvefold_way | Gian-Carlo_Rota | Rota's_conjecture |

  1. https://phys.org/news/2013-08-rota-conjecture-year-old-math-problem.html#jCp
  2. librosito: Geometria quadratica. Trigonometria quadratica.


  1. Partendo da Vladimir Arnold citato da AndreaFarusi
  2. Four-vertex_theorem(or more vertex): plane oval has at least four curvature extrema
  3. Evolute of a curve

    es: The evolute of a circle is therefore a single point at its center.

  4. Jordan_curve_theorem
  5. wp/Poliedro_monostabile


Numeri primi: quanti sono ? come sono distribuiti ? 

Legendre's_conjecture:  prime in [n2 , (n + 1)2] ?  almost 1

i.e. there is a prime number between n2 and (n + 1)2 for every positive integer n.

As of 2017, the conjecture has neither been proved nor disproved.

oeis.org/A014085  Number of primes between n^2 and (n+1)^2. (Online Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences)

Sum of integer powers
1+2+3+...  12+22+32+...  13+23+33+...  14+24+34+...

The Bernoulli numbers are rooted in the early history of the computation of sums of integer powers, which have been of interest to mathematicians since antiquity wp/Bernoulli_number