^^Impacchettamento di sfere.


   impacchettamento "a piramide".
Oranges in a Hexagonal Cubic Packing Arrangement.

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  Snowballs stacked in preparation for a snowball fight.

Packing type

have the same density!


  Il modo più efficiente di impacchettare insieme cerchi di diverse dimensioni non è ovvio.

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wp/Impacchettamento_di_sfere | Sphere_packing


es: Costipazione.

Impacchettamento e Tassellatura sono legati

poiche' posso impacchettare seguendo una tassellatura.

Congettura di Keplero  wp

This conjecture is the oldest problem in discrete geometry.

The Kepler conjecture forms part of Hilbert’s 18th problem, which raises questions about space groups, anisohedral tilings, and packings in Euclidean space.

1585 Thomas Harriot first pondered the mathematics of cannonball stacks and later asked Johannes Kepler if cannonball stack was truly the most dense.

ε-nets, ε-packings, ε-coverings, uniformly discrete sets, relatively dense sets, Delone sets wp

In the metric spaces

are closely related definitions of well-spaced sets of points,

packing radius and covering radius of these sets measure how well-spaced they are.


  1. Costipazione.
  2. Piramide di sfere.
  3. Reticolo cristallino.
  4. wp/Maryna_V"jazovs'ka | https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TlCJYxmnInQ Fields Medal: Maryna Viazovska.  Yulia Zdanovska