^^pra pre pro


The prefix “pra” goes back to the earliest Indo-European languages. In Sanskrit, which traces its linguistic ancestry directly to the Proto-Indo-European language, it means beginning, before and at the same time forward, forth, in front of. In Latin and later in English, “pra” was split into two prefixes: “pre” (prehistoric, precondition) meaning before, going back to the roots, and “pro” (proactive, provision) meaning forward.

However, “pra” is still used in various Indo-European languages. In Hindi and Urdu it means ahead, above. In Russian, Czech, Slovak, Polish, Serbo-Croatian and other Slavic languages, it means something that goes back to its very roots (pra-babushka, pra-mati, pra-babcia, as a grand grandmother, pra-rodina as a prehistoric homeland, pra-stary, as appended to something very ancient).

“Pra” in Sanskrit also means super, great, prime and is used as a divinity prefix to any object.