^^NLP Natural Language Processing.

NLG natural language generation, text generation.


POS part-of-speech. Nella sintassi, le parole sono raggruppate in classi: nomi verbi. aggettivi avverbi ...

Il sito italiano di NLP. Italian Natural Language Processing Lab.


  1. corpus-of-sentences-rated-with-human-complexity-judgments


GPT-2   GPT-3    Bert

  1. google/search-language-understanding: Bert
    1. jalammar/illustrated-bert
  2. wp/GPT-3  |  20-8-2020 zn/GPT-3
    1. wp/OpenAI#GPT-2
    2. 16-2-2019 zn/GPT-2 generatore di testi quasi impossibili da distinguere da quelli scritti da esseri umani; usabile per scrivere fake news convincenti. Troppo pericolosa da pubblicare?
    3. jalammar/illustrated-gpt2
    4. AllenAI GPT-2 Explorer


Links librosito

  1. Linguistica.
  2. Artificial intelligence timeline. ha molti riferimenti a NLP
  3. NLTK Natural Language ToolKit. per Python
  4. Machine learning; apprendimento automatico.


  1. wp/ NLP Natural_language_processing, diverso da
    wp/ Natural-language_programming
  2. quansight/open-source-nlp-libraries-to-get-you-started



Stanford CoreNLP provides a set of natural language analysis tools written in Java. Stanford CoreNLP is an integrated framework, which makes it very easy to apply a bunch of language analysis tools to a piece of text. ... Starting from plain text, you can run all the tools with just two lines of code.