^^Machine learning; apprendimento automatico.


machine learning ("apprendimento automatico" è l'espressione corretta in italiano)

machine learning su

  1. immagini
  2. testo
  3. parlato


i primi progressi sono stati fatti per le immagini; lo sviluppo ha avuto uno sbalzo. Ora 26-10-2019 lo sbalzo e' per il testo, con BERT Understanding searches better than ever before.


data mining, machine learning, statistical analysis.

The language changes over time, but they refer to very similar things.

a quip:  “data mining = statistics + marketing”,

implying that if you can describe statistics in a way that grabs people’s attention, then what you are doing is data mining.

credits: classcentral/data-mining-weka-waikato



Artificial intelligence timeline.

Links inet

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    1. google/teachable-machine makes AI easier for everyone
    2. colab.google What is Colaboratory?
    3. tensorflow | tfhub TensorFlow Hub
  2. deepai.org/machine-learning-glossary-and-terms
  3. analyticsindiamag/google-turns-21-heres-a-look-at-the-search-giants-top-21-machine-learning-contributions
  4. openai.com/introducing-activation-atlases


  1. analyticsindiamag/10-question-answering-datasets-to-build-robust-chatbot-systems
  2. wp/Iris_flower_data_set
  3. rajpurkar/SQuAD-explorer The Stanford Question Answering Dataset
  4. tensorflow/datasets/catalog


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